Mohammad is a rst year MD/PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Mohammad has been constantly moving around the world:
born in Iran, spending around 7 years of his childhood in the UK, his teenage years back in Tehran, and settled in Canada in 2013, where he completed school, followed by undergraduate studies in physiology at UBC.
His fascination for science and innovation started to blossom when he was in grade 9, back in his Iranian high school’s chemistry lab, and thanks to some incredible teacher-mentors. Since then, he’s explored (and published) in nano chemistry, cancer immunology, neurosurgery and neuroscience. Four years ago, Mohammad co-founded STEM Fellowship – a national student network that creates opportunities for fellow students in big data education and scholarly communication. SF is now one of Canada’s largest and most well-known grass-roots STEM initiatives, with 300+ volunteers and a presence on 20 campuses in almost every province.

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